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KLIF Agnieszka Jesionka

NIP 8551487077


WashPro WOLIN Department

ul. Kolejowa 6b

72-510 Wolin, Poland


WashPro SZCZECIN Department

ul. Rudzika 24

72-779 Szczecin, Poland


WashPro MIĘDZYZDROJE Department

Promenada Gwiazd 34a
72-500 Międzyzdroje, Poland








Tel. +48 91 469 60 12 

Tel. +48 91 469 60 12 

Tel. +48 91 469 60 12 

Tel. +48 91 469 60 12




The office is open:

from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

The laundry is open out-of-season:

from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

The laundry open in season:

24 H


Customer complaint:

Invoices and 






Tel.  +48 91 469 60 12 

Tel.  +48 91 469 60 12 


Tel.  +48 91 469 60 12 


Tel.  +48 91 469 60 12




Customer complaint: 
Invoices and paiment:



We wash in:


Świnoujście, Szczecin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Kołczewo, Kamień Pomorski, Goleniów, Koszalin, Berlin, Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf, Rostock, Zinnowitz


WashPro in numbers:


We wash in 3 countries

- Poland, Germany and Denmark

300 tons

Tons of laundry


2 500 000

Items of bes-linen


365 days

Open 365 days

a year

PLN 1 000 000

The value of an

insurance policy




25 000

Served beds

in facilities

2 %

Only 2% of

customer complaints

Price list

Download our price

list in PDF

Why do we have higher prices compared to the competition?

You pay us for your peace of mind. Do you have cheaper laundry? Price is related to the quality. Think about how many times your laundry service has disappointed you, how many times you have been upset that you do not have your laundry on time or items delivered to you were not your property. How would you price your problems, a non-rented room, claims from guests, housekeepers staying longer? Think how many times it has been connected with your troubles.

Quality guarantee and policy.


We are not afraid of taking responsibility. In case of improper performance of a contract, we have a policy for the amount of PLN 500,000. How many bed-linen could be bought for this amount? A lot. The purchase of such a policy is related to certainty that what we do is a certain business. We are not only a laundry but also your partner. WashPro Poland has in its warehouses the bed-linen available for rent in the amount of 5,000 sets. It is enough for 25 accommodation facilities. 

Industry 4.0.


WashPro Poland is in line with the latest trend of the 21st century industrial revolution which combines the data collected in real time and convert them in the laundry process. We have a professional laundry which is fully automated where employees control the processes only. Clients who are connected with the laundry in network placed in the cloud have the 24/7 access to monitor current status of their orders.



The washing technology in WashPro Poland is based on the experiences from the largest laundry market in the world - Asia. While building the WashPro Poland brand, we have visited many places related to the laundry business in Europe, Asia and America. The Chinese market has impressed us most as currently there are 85,000 laundries. We have been listening customers' feedback in Poland and Germany. We have been looking for the best machines in the world. In the WashPro Poland project the most acknowledged engineers, scientist and financiers were involved. After two years from the concept, we created the WashPro Poland brand. WashPro Poland combines the Chinese equipment, Polish ingeniousness and German precision. You will find more about us on our official Facebook profile.

Machine Park - a reason for bragging.


We have one of the longest mangle in the world. It is a four-shaft machine with the total ironing length - 4 800 cm. We wash laundry in washing machines which get three types of water - raw, softened and preheated by the sun. We do not dry the laundry. The whole process has been reduced to the minimum and as the first company we have eliminated drying in the laundry technology. We have new specialist vehicles adjusted to the transport of laundry. 


24/7 delivery - always on time, always in a way that suits you - we deliver on time which is perfect for you.


The company works in the following fields:


-WashPro: logistics and washing bed-linen for commercial facilities
-ShareWash: bed-linen and towels rental for the facilities served by WashPro
-Distribution of industrial laundry equipment in Asia

WashPro Poland Poland is an industrial laundry that implements innovative solutions in the field of services where clean bed-linen and towels are necessary. We provide our services for clients in the territory of Poland and Germany.

About us


Transport is provided with specialist vehicles, pushcarts and the wash is foiled.


We take care about the environment. We preheat water for washing machines with use of electricity from sun collectors.


We have an insurance policy for the amount of PLN 500,000. If we lose or damage the laundry, we buy the new one without undue delay.


We do washing for you

We are the most dynamically developing laundry in the region.

We do washing for you

We are the most dynamically developing laundry in the region.


 +48 91 469 60 12 

 +48 91 469 60 12