WashPro is a laundry service that serves customers from Poland and Germany. Due to the location we are planning to enter Sweden with our services. Working in the industry as practitioners, being laundrymen, we learned to service the machines as well as modify them. As a result of further expansion, we purchased machines from China, and after testing them in our laundries, we began selling them.

We sell machines from Asia because we work on them ourselves. The cost of buying washing machines, dryers or mangle lines from China is definitely lower than in Europe. Each of the machines we sell is located in our laundries in Międzyzdroje and in Wolin. You can see washers, dryers, folders and mangles at work and test them on site. We can provide you with accommodation for a fee at www. hotelmiedzyzdroje.eu

In case of laundry tunnel purchase we organize trips to China directly to factories in order to see and finalize the transaction. For assistance in the purchase of machines we recommend Romuald Sikora running the BR Consutling company, who in his laundry career has purchased several tunnels for laundries in Poland and Germany.

Laundries in the Republic of China. There is a general belief that products from China are of low quality. Certainly at the moment when you are reading this text 1/5 of products around you were produced there without you even knowing it.

There are 85,000 laundries in China. There are 2 billion people living there. Hotels that are clients of the laundry have from 1000 beds upwards. The laundry industry in China, definitely differs from the European one. It is also important to realize that some of the components for laundry machines, and in some cases the whole machines produced by manufacturers in Europe are made in China.

While creating WashPro we visited dozens of laundries and factories of laundry equipment and components all over the world in Europe, Asia and North America. We visited manufacturers who built machines in small local companies and combines that invested 150 million dollars each in their headquarters and technological development. One thing is for sure the Chinese have very good quality products, but they dont go off their margins, they go off quality. This is something to keep in mind when buying machinery.

At WashPro, the machines go through 2 months of running tests in China before being sold, then they come to us for another 3 months of testing, and then they are put up for sale. In Poland, they are subject to modifications, which are necessary for washing machines, mangles and other devices to serve our customers for many years. When we sell machines, we dont want to have problems with them. That is why we prefer to sell fewer machines, but provide solid technical and service support to our customers. We provide repair service for machines from china, as well as spare parts.

WashPro trades a variety of laundry machines from China. Every year we visit factories to personally do a production audit. We anticipate that there will be many machines from China on the market, but these types of machines without service support and quality control will fall short of usersexpectations. Thats why we recommend that you only buy machines from pre-vetted factories that you have verified yourself.

WashPro offers you laundry machines manufactured for us in China by manufacturers who have been in business since the 1980s. This is Sailstar of Hong Kong and CLM of Shanghai.

In addition, we sell machines under our WahsPro brand, manufactured in a factory that has invested $150 million in its manufacturing facility. The factory sells up to 20,000 machines a year.

We also offer CLM mangles, in our opinion the best mangles we have seen. They are manufactured by a small Chinese factory whose owner holds 11 patents for his solutions in China.

You can see the products provided by our suppliers at WashPro:

AllSafe special laundry cart attachments

Magielek Warehouse management system for laundry, weighing and RFID

BR Conulting consultancy for launderers on production, technology and efficiency

Clovin chemical pumping equipment

SmartServ telemetry and automation for laundries, and laundry equipment service