We washing for you.

We are the fastest growing laundromat in the area.
Check our latest realizations and offer.


Transport is carried out by specialised vehicles. We deliver them in special trolleys.


We have an insurance policy. If the laundry is lost or damaged, we buy it back without delay.


We care about the environment. We heat water for washing machines using energy from solar collectors.

Why choose us?

3 countries of the world

We wash in 3 countries Poland, Germany and Denmark. We have a lot of satisfied customers not only in our country. We are well recognized also outside Poland.

Only 2% of complaints

Complaints happen in any service business. We are honest with you, and we make no secret of the fact that we have had dealings with them as well. However, thats only 2% of the total several thousand orders.

Over 25,000 beds served

We actively serve more than 25,000 beds in various facilities around the world. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with clients and proper relationships. Many of these relationships have been in place continuously for several years.

Availability of high quality services

We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week always on time, always As It Suits You we deliver your laundry at a time that is perfect for you.

Our laundry is all about an innovative approach

WashPro Poland laundry technology is based on experience from the biggest laundry market in the world – Asia. While building WashPro Poland brand, we visited many places connected with laundry business in Europe, Asia and America.

We have been most impressed with the Chinese market, where there are now 85,000 laundries. We also listened to our Clients’ comments. We have searched all over the world for the best machines, which ensures that our laundry is perfectly equipped. Find out more about us on our official Facebook page.

WashPro in a nutshell


Areas of activity

  • Washing of bed linen for accommodation facilities, apartments, restaurants
  • Logistics and laundering of work clothes
  • Rental and laundering of entrance mats
  • SmartWash: RFID system (chips) for supply management, linen counting and control
  • ShareWash: rental of bed linen and towels for facilities serviced by WashPro
  • Distribution of laundry equipment from Asia by CLM, Oasis, Sailstar, LaundryMate, Gamesail

Quality guarantee and insurance policy

  • We have implemented ISO9001, ISO14001, RABC, NCAGE system.
  • We have PN certificates for biocides.
  • We are under constant supervision of the Sanitary Station.
  • We have a policy for 500,000 PLN.
  • We are a member of the Polish Laundries group.


WashPro Oddział WOLIN
ul. Kolejowa 6b
72-510 Wolin, Poland




KLIF Agnieszka Jesionka
NIP 8551487077


+48 91 469 60 12


Opening hours:

od godz. 8:00 do godz. 17:00

od godz. 9:00 do godz. 14:00